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Learn how Francis' features can transform your financial planning and analysis



Create state-of-the-art financial models with multiple scenarios


All spreadsheet features that are important to forecasting and reporting, diligently handpicked and upgraded.

Formula building, cell references, cell navigation, cell selections, and much more.

Built-in modeling tools

Group hierarchies: categorize rows in groups to keep models simple

Select time periodupdate time horizons on a rolling basis, without breaking formulas

Drag n' drop: Drag n' drop rows to update models, without formulas breaking

Name-based cell references: work with self-explaning formulas

Eliminate uncertainty with scenarios

Always track your good case and bad case.

Experiment with strategic plays and risks.

Compare key metrics across scenarios.

Scenario planning for strategic financial planning


Pull in business data to assess financial performance and update forecasts

Use live data in budgets and reports

Connect your Francis model to data sources to automatically pull in business data.

Use the actuals data to assess performance and calibrate forecasts.

Compare Budget vs. Actuals

Follow up with a full overview of budget vs. actuals with a few clicks.

Create charts and PDF reports to share your numbers.

Investigate transactions

Audit company finances in minutes by drilling down into individual transactions.


Design professional charts and reports with a few clicks

Summarize key metrics in charts

Create good-looking and live-updated charts that can be widely shared.

Summarize key metrics

Auto-generate reports

Generate PDF reports that show your charts, budgets, actuals and performance.

Reporting financial, key metrics and unit e-conomic to important stakeholders

Export to Excel and Google Sheets

Export Francis models to Excel and Google Sheets whenever needed.

Export Francis to Excel or Google Sheets


Collaborate with everybody on one platform

Manage multiple organizations

Manage multiple entities or projects with separate team members and data connections.

Francis members overview

Invite editors and viewers

Invite team members and stakeholders into Francis with different edit permissions.

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