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A proven budgeting
framework to stay on top

Consolidate, budget, forecast, and report on one platform

Plan and consolidate for all your
entities and dimensions in one model

Create annual budgets and
rolling forecasts

Summarize your metrics in
monthly reports

A new spreadsheet with built-in FP&A features

Financial modeling
Build financial models with familiar formula syntax and new building blocks such as groups and sections
Data sources
Fetch business data and stay synced via native connections, to automate data import and avoid mistakes
Collaborate and regulate individual user’s rights, to create buy-in and become a strong business partner
Rolling forecasts
Create and store new forecast versions throughout the year, to compare and report on how plans change over time
Filter your model by entities, departments or other dimensions, to automatically consolidate and keep maintenance low
Variance analysis
Compare budgets, forecasts and actuals with detailed drill-downs for different time periods and, to always stay on track
Create live-updated charts and professional PDF reports, to share your metrics with the relevant stakeholders

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