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Connected, shared and easily maintained.
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A financial model that you enjoy coming back to


Spreadsheet-like flexibility

All spreadsheet features relevant for forecasting and reporting, diligently handpicked and upgraded


Human-friendly models

Built-in modeling tools make it easier to maintain and share forecasting models over time


Connected data sources

Use the latest available business data to control your metrics and calibrate your forecasts


A library full of templates

Start with customized templates based on your accounting data or industry templates, all of which can be modified


Permission-based collaboration

Different edit and confidentiality permissions to manage all stakeholders from one place


Automated workflows

With just a few clicks, complete tasks like comparing budget vs. actuals and reporting

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Create powerful forecasting models

Leverage Francis’ spreadsheet-like features and built-in modeling tools to build next-generation forecasting models.

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Work with live data

Pull live business data directly into your forecasting models.

Connect to your favorite accounting software, payroll software, CRM, banking, POS, or e-commerce provider, and Francis will take care of the rest.

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Business on track

Keep your business on track with a few clicks

Use built-in features to

  • compare budget to actuals
  • scenario plan
  • customize charts
  • create PDF reports
  • drill down into transactions
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Collaborate with team members and stakeholders

Manage all stakeholders from one platform, with customized edit permissions and confidentiality rights.

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Loved by founders and finance teams

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