Meet Francis

A new generation spreadsheet
purpose-built for budgeting

Forecast your P&L, hire plan, cashflow and KPIs.
Connect to your business applications and compare budget to actuals.
Create scenario sub-branches of budgets that automatically update.
All in just a few clicks.

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Easily manage your budget

Our features

Live connection to your data

Connect to your favorite accounting software, payroll software, CRM, banking, POS or e-commerce provider and Francis will take care of the rest.

Francis pulls your data from other business applications and makes it easy to compare actuals to forecasts.

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New and simplified formulas, same flexibility as in spreadsheets

Spreadsheet formulas are awesome but difficult to keep track of. Spreadsheet formulas have never been self-documenting. Until now.

With the Francis formula view, you'll never forget the formula you wrote – and your colleagues will actually understand your budget.

Collaborate with your main stakeholders

Want to get input from marketing, without showing all the salary accounts? Or have the COO input the hiring plan themself?

  • Create different budget-views with selected accounts and share with main stakeholders
  • Collaborate through comments inside the
    budget view
  • Control budget access rights
  • Tag each other in comments and work together directly in the budgets
Easy scenario modelling

Creating budget versions with different scenarios has always been a hassle, but we’ve made it so simple that you’ll never want to manually duplicate budget scenarios again!

You can easily develop different scenarios for new initiatives and good/base/bad cases. The scenarios always link back to the main budget and stay updated.

Want to see what the future would hold if your growth was organic vs. funded? Simply create your scenarios and find out.

Consolidate your business departments in one budget

You'll never have to stitch 14 spreadsheets together yourself, ever again.

With the Francis consolidation feature, you can gather all your different entities, countries or departments in one budget – and easily collaborate between departments.

Use dashboards to track outliers, trends and key metrics

It can be hard to track performance when working in a spreadsheet. Sometimes it's just best to show your data in a dashboard. In Francis, you have customizable dashboards to always track the most important KPIs live.

Use the dashboards for automated reporting both internally and externally. That monthly performance report? No problem.

Sensitivity analysis made easy

Francis applies analytics to your budgets to provide effortless insights such as creating simulations to understand how changes in your input affect specified key metrics and to provide an overview of to what extent each budget input drives specified key metrics.

Multiple currencies, one budget

It's 2022. Currency fluctuations just shouldn't be a budgeting problem.

With Francis currency formulas, you'll never have to model the complexity that comes with different currencies.

Have some cost items that are in a different currency? Have to present your budget to an investor who prefers another currency? Want to understand what part of historic performance was driven by actual performance vs. currency fluctuations? Let Francis take care of it.

Be the first to know when we’re live

And be one of the few that gets to show their C-suite, board and investors how budgeting is done in 2022.
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