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A platform to manage budgets, financial performance and reports

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A new way, created for the daily use of finance teams and founders


Same flexibility as spreadsheets

Intuitive and reimagined formula building that provides full modeling flexibility as in traditional spreadsheets.


Human-friendly models

New spreadsheet features that make model design easier to navigate and communicate.


Connected business applications

Automatically compare and reforecast budgets with the latest available information.


A library full of templates

Industry-specific budget templates that you can grab and customize to your needs.


Permission-based collaboration

Different roles and permissions so that you can manage all stakeholders from one place.


Automated workflows

Tasks like comparing forecast vs. actuals, reporting, analyzing and creating scenarios done with a click.

Create self-explaining and powerful models

Leverage Francis’ reimagined formula builder and row hierarchies to create user-friendly models, while maintaining the flexibility from spreadsheets


Work with live data

Create financial models where every row pulls in business data to work with actuals.

Connect to your favorite accounting software, payroll software, CRM, banking, POS or e-commerce provider and Francis will take care of the rest.

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Create a single source of truth around performance

Follow up on assumptions, financials and KPIs in one spreadsheet, and quickly understand what drives your performance

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Carry out your analyses and tasks with a few clicks

Use automated workflows to
- compare forecasts to actuals
- plan different budget scenarios
- customize dashboards
- drill down into actuals and transactions

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